Willa "Diament"

Rock City

areas close and around Kudowa Zdroj, we can really find many attractions and places that are worth seeing and which you must visit while staying in those areas. One of them is incorrect Rocks, which is Poland's only rock city, which lies at an altitude of about eight hundred fifty meters above sea level. Area, which occupies over twenty acres is filled with various forms of rock, which intersect intersect to form cracks and crannies, and even large and complicated maze. If you come here you have a unique opportunity to find inside it - of course, traveling only after a prescribed route. It will give you the opportunity to see up close how exciting and breathtaking sea forms created by nature.
Before leaving for the vicious rocks you can be sure that the weather Kudowa Zdroj are secure and that it starts to rain. During the rain because the water starts to drip into the next slot, causing the visitors can wade up to his ankles in water. Fortunately, the trip if necessary, are quickly and easily recycled, and even if you are caught in a storm while exploring the rock city that was not too ucierpisz.
The route is quite long and can be tiring, so after her passing we eat our fill, and then decent night's sleep - Kudowa Zdroj hotels located in the area are waiting to take you along with friends, or family.
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Willa Diament
Skalne Miasto w okolicach Kudowy